I was born and raised in Piraeus. At the age of 22, I became a resident of the beautiful island of Kos! My first photographic steps were in 2004 when I started Architectural photography.

Over time, I realised that something was missing in what I did, until 2012 when I did my first Wedding and realised that I found the part I was missing. I observed feelings of passion and love in the eyes of the couple and that was enough for me!!

When photographing,I always try to see through the lens the couples with the eyes of my heart, so that I can capture their most special moments !!

I like to get close to the couples so that I can make their dreams a reality.

“There was a time when the eye, the mind and the heart were in a straight line, and this is the moment that will give us a photo that will measurement for the rest of our lives.”
Henri Cartier – Bresson.